Recipe Collection

Recipe Collection
Easy'n Elegant Recipes!

Artichoke and Cheese Squares ( Champagne Mustard, Pretty Peppers)
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Appetizers (Champagne Mustard)
Baked Havarti (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Belgian Endive and Apple Bites (Chardonnay Lime and Cilantro Seasoning)
Buttery Soft Philly Pretzels (Hot Banana Pepper Mustard)
Cocktail Meatballs (Cranberry Hot Pepper Jam)
Crocked Cheese (Garlic Seasoning)
Dill Shrimp (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Easy Cream Cheese Appetizer
Festive Deviled Eggs (Champagne Mustard, Hot Banana Pepper Mustard, Pretty Peppers)
Hot Pecan Spread (Pretty Peppers, Garlic Seasoning)
Lem'n Dill Cheese Ball (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Lem'n Dill Dip (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Mexican Martino Cheesecake (Vidalia Onion Peach Salsa, Pretty Peppers)
Pretty Peppers Egg Mold (Champagne Mustard, Lem'n Dill Seasoning, Pretty Peppers)
Pretty Pepper Roll-Ups (Pretty Peppers)
Pretty Pitas (Pretty Peppers)
Quesadillas (Salsa Seasoning, Pretty Peppers)
Shrimp with Honey Pepper Vinaigrette (Pepper Pizzazz Seasoning)
Sweet & Savory Brie (Cranberry Preserve)
Tomato & Lime Party Hors d'oeuvres (Pepper'n Lime Seasoning)
Turkey Roll-Ups (Cranberry Hot Pepper Jam)
Sweet'n Sour Spread (Champagne Mustard)
• Salads
Apple and Shrimp Salad (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Chicken Salad Pie (Champagne Mustard)
Cranberry Spinach Salad (Cranberry Mustard)
Fresh Mushroom Salad (Pepper'n Lime No Salt Seasoning)
Melon and Peppers (Pretty Peppers)
Perfect Potato Salad (Pretty Peppers, Champagne Mustard)
Pepper & Cheese Salad (Pretty Peppers)
Petite Pois Salad (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
• Lunch
Crunchy Ham Pockets (Pretty Peppers, Champagne Mustard, Hot Banana Pepper Mustard)
Easy 'n Elegant Stromboli (Champagne Mustard, Pretty Peppers))
Egg Salad in Pasta Shells (Pretty Peppers)
Herbed Tomato Soup (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Lem'n Dill Tuna Melts (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Pretty Boboli (Pretty Peppers)
Pretty Peppers Flatbread Pizza (Pretty Peppers)
Teresa's Ham & Asparagus Quiche (Champagne Mustard)
Aunt Esther's Potato Salad (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Carrot and Squash Casserole (Pretty Peppers)
Cheddared Carrots (Champagne Mustard)
Cherchies Champagne Mushrooms (Champagne Mustard, Garlic Seasoning)
Cucumbers a la Cherchie (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Dilly Potatoes (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Elegant Pan Potatoes (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
French Green Beans (Pretty Peppers)
Mashed Lemon Potatoes (Garlic Seasoning, Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Parmesan New Potatoes (Garlic Seasoning)
Pretty Glazed Carrots (Pretty Peppers)
Rice El Greco (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Rose's Roasted Champagne Beets (Champagne Mustard)
Ruffled Lem'n Dill Potatoes (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Scalloped Mustard Potatoes (Champagne Mustard)
Swiss Style Baked Beans (Champagne Mustard, Hot Banana Pepper Mustard)
• Entrees
Asparagus Chicken Roll-Ups (Champagne Mustard, Pretty Peppers)
Best Ever Pork Chops (Champagne Mustard, Garlic'n Herbs No Salt Seasoning)
Champagne Chicken (Champagne Mustard)
Champagne Steak (Champagne Mustard)
Chicken & Broccoli Lasagna Rolls (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Chicken Pasta (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Garlic Crusted Pork Loin Roast (Garlic Seasoning)
Honey'n Whiskey Champagne Tilapia (Champagne Mustard)
Lem'n Dill Fish Dish (Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Marinated Lamb Chops (Lem'n Dill Seasoning, Champagne Mustard)
Northwest Baked Chicken (Champagne Mustard)
Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops (Champagne Mustard, Garlic'n Herbs No Salt Seasoning)
Peach Salsa Shrimp (Vidalia® Onion Peach Salsa)
Pretty Peppered Scallops (Pretty Peppers)
Savory Salmon (Pepper'n Lime No Salt Seasoning)
White Tea Preserve Salmon (Champagne Mustard, White Tea Key Lime Raspberry Preserves)
Steak Au Poivre No Salt Pepper'n Lime, Pepper Pizzazz)
Champagne Vinaigrette (Champagne Mustard, Cranberry Preserve with Champagne)
Cranberry Butter Spread (Cranberry Preserve with Champagne)
Cucumber Sauce (Champagne Mustard, Lem'n Dill Seasoning)
Ham Glaze (Champagne Mustard)
Pretty Pepper Tartar Sauce (Pretty Peppers)
Lucious Ladyfingers (Blackberry, Cranberry & White Tea Key Lime Raspberry Preserves)
Swirl Cheesecake (Blackberry, Cranberry & White Tea Key Lime Raspberry Preserves)
Breakfast Sausage & Eggs (Champagne Mustard)
Cherchies Quiche (Champagne Mustard)
Luncheon Egg Casserole (Champagne Mustard)
Pretty Pepper Souffle (Pretty Peppers)
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